Physical therapy

Have you been working out just a bit too eagerly and have you become injured? No problem at all, six days a week you’re available to visit our in-house physiotherapy clinic: Kirchoff Fysio.

The physiotherapists Maarten Peter and Aimee work closely together with our Health Club Jordaan instructors. This way an injury can quickly be noticed and remedied! Additionally, members of Health Club Jordaan are offered a free first intake.


Maarten Peter is available on:
Maandag     08:00 uur t/m 20:00 uur
Woensdag   08:00 uur t/m 20:00 uur
Vrijdag         08:00 uur t/m 18:00 uur

Aimee is available on:
Dinsdag        08:00 uur t/m 20:00 uur
Donderdag   08:00 uur t/m 20:00 uur
Zaterdag      09:00 uur t/m 17:00 uur

Injury aid for entrepreneurs / small/independent businesses

Entrepreneurs from the Jordaan and for those with a Health Club Jordaan business fitness membership receive an exclusive 24 hour service from Fysio Kirchhoff.


Telephone: 020-8202272