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Anti-stress coaching

Combat stress at Health Club Jordaan

A hectic job, busy traffic, noise pollution and so much more; almost everyone experiences stress on a daily basis. Stress results in being easily agitated, headaches, muscle aches and heart palpitations. It also can affect your immune system and make you feel exhausted, which can eventually lead to a burnout.

Anti-Stress coaching

Specifically for you busy Amsterdam locals we have created the anti-stress coaching in collaboration with exertion physiologist Stans van der Poel. Together with personal coach Elles you’ll kick off with breathing therapy and personal training. This combination offers a remedy to any complaints that are a result of stress and allows you regain the balance between mind and body.

Complete offer

The programme is offered in two ways:
Anti-stress complete: An extensive programme of twelve months, allowing you to take all the time you need to recover and eventually slowly build up the training. Especially for people with prolonged complaints or who have experienced a burnout.
Anti-stress intensive: A short, intensive programme of three months. Best for people with mild stress complaints.

Just relax!

When will you start?
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