Work out with the eGym

Do you have a busy job, a busy social life or do you just totally not like sports but want you to feel fit and healthy? Then we have a brand new fitness concept for you! On the eGym you only train two times a week for 30 minutes and notice immediate results. Whether you want to train for strength, stamina, or weight loss, the eGym helps you achieve your fitness goals.


The eGym is a circle of 10 training devices. During your first intake they’re automatically set to your body based on your posture and strength. This way you make sure that every work-out is safe and super efficient. Once you are logged in with your personal chip, a black ball appears on your screen making a waving motion. Your task is to guide the ball in the right direction. After finishing your work-out the data is automatically synchronised with the eGym platform and available through a fitness app. After every six work-outs the eGym adjusts the weight dynamically to your increased strength. This way, you always get the best training results.


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Proeftraining eGym