Personal training

The fun really doesn’t start until you start training with a personal trainer.

Personal fitness training allows you to work on clear short-term and long-term results with the helpful guidance of a personal trainer. The expertise of the personal trainer isn’t free, but if you’re serious about achieving those goals you’ve set and are looking to improve your physical and mental health, then working with a personal trainer is the best choice for you.

Your own personal trainer at HCJ will create a made-to-measure personal training schedule just for you and together you’ll work on achieving your set goals. This way you’ll stay motivated and get to the finish line even sooner.

The benefits of personal training:

Personal training is suitable for all sorts of goals: weight loss, stamina improvement, rehabilitation, sport specific training, etc. Together with your private trainer you’ll train much more effectively and with clear goals in mind.

All our personal fitness trainers are qualified and each has their own specialities. This way you’ll always be able to find a personal trainer who’s just right for you and your set goals.