Elles Schoemaker

Elles is the epitome of the powerful woman! This lady lives and breathes sport and health and her enthusiasm and determination works influences everyone around her. Are you an advanced sporter who’d like to delve deeper into the most recent developments in sport and fitness? Or are you just looking for someone who will always know how to motivate you to achieve your goals? Then Elles is the trainer for you!

Training and courses

McGill level 1 : Foundation for the pain-free back. The McGill methode.
McGill level 2 : Assessment: Converging on a precise diagnosis
Functional Coachen Chivo
Functional Pilates Chivo
Diversen clinics Chivo
Ademtherapeut, bij Stans van de Poel.
Womans Health academy: WHA zwangerschap en herstel training
Core academy Power mama: level 1 trainen en coaching tijdens en na de zwangerschap.
Core academy Power mama: level 2 Praktijk trainen en coaching tijdens en na de zwangerschap.
PHP Personal Hormonal Profiling. Voeding. (Overload Worldwide)
Sportleider bij het CIOS
Olympisch gewichtheffen bij KNKF Tom Bruijnen.
Medisch trainen bij het AFN
Kettlebell  (Overload Worldwide)
Clinic Glute Training. Perfect Performance Clinics
Clinic Deadlift. Perfect Performance Clinics
Clinic rompstijfheid. Perfect Performance Clinics
Ido Portal The Corset
Big Ball Pilates. Debbie Jenner’s Pilates Company
Human Motion – Functional Movement Screen 1 en 2


Adem-therapie / Anti-stress coaching
Diastase check
Trainen tijdens en na de zwangerschap.
Olympisch gewichtheffen
12 punts vet / huidplooimeting (Overload Worldwide)

Meet Elles

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