Revelinho Ethnel

Our cheerful personal trainer Revelinho is specialised in weight loss, improving your stamina and isn’t afraid of a powerful cushion-training.

He believes that no one ever knows it all, so he frequently attends supplementary training locally and abroad. In short, with Revelinho as your Personal Trainer you’re guaranteed for a decent and thorough workout!


Bachelor of Health, Sport & Bewegen  (Lifestyle & Gezondheid)
Fit-NL Verkort Rijkserkend Fitnesstrainer A
Fascial Release for Structural Balance (Breath, Head & Neck)
Human Foundation level 1
LAPT Business Essentials (Los Angeles Personal Training)
LAPT Training Essentials (Los Angeles Personal Training)
TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)


Houding & Bewegen (postuurcorrectie) Posture and movement (posture correction)
Myofascial Triggerpoints
Corrective Exercises
Driedimensionale corrective training
Strength & Conditioning
Pad training


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